The Art of
Designing with Antiques

Throughout 2010 and 2011, Judy Frankel Antiques showcased a vignette created by some of the top designers in the Detroit Metro area. Explore each vignette which includes photos and information about the design, plus a listing of available products featured.

The Designer Vignettes

Staci Meyers Vignette

Designer - Staci Meyers

Showroom Date: Sep 06, 2019 to Nov 15, 2019

Designer Staci Meyers has mixed midcentury and contemporary pieces to create a vignette accentuated by soft curves and crisp angles

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Salon de Musique

Designer - Corey Damen Jenkins

Showroom Date: Nov 10, 2011 to Dec 24, 2011
Photo of Salon de Musique designer vignette display at Judy Frankel Antiques

Music, the language of emotions, has enriched our lives for centuries. Inspired by traditional French salon de musiques, this modern Provencal-inspired music room features a stunning fusion of neoclassical design elements. The mix of gilded and hand painted antique furnishings within this gentleman’s study provide an elegant backdrop for the room’s centerpiece, a black lacquered piano.

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Designer - Ian Hartwell

Showroom Date: Sep 27, 2011 to Nov 04, 2011
Photo of Pied-a-Terre designer vignette display at Judy Frankel Antiques

Imagine yourself being swept away to another place with only a suitcase of clothing and a collection of your favorite things. You might stay two months or two years. During this time, you discover a raw space with a wonderful outdoor area. Now, the challenge is to make it your own. By combining a few of my own things with antique furniture and accessories found at Judy Frankel Antiques, I have embarked on just such a journey.

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Kitchen With a Twist

Designer - Robert Zebrowski

Showroom Date: Aug 16, 2011 to Sep 23, 2011
Photo of Kitchen With a Twist designer vignette display at Judy Frankel Antiques

Robert Zebrowski, Director of Design for Extraordinary Works has created this Kitchen With a Twist by combining modern luxury appliances, state of the art surfaces and cabinetry with architectural and industrial antiques, a circa 1930s Murano chandelier, Asian antique furniture, artwork and accessories for a fresh and intriguing perspective.

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Source d’Inspiration

Designer - Raridan Schumacher Mio & Co.

Showroom Date: Jul 11, 2011 to Aug 23, 2011
Photo of Source d’Inspiration designer vignette display at Judy Frankel Antiques

This inviting dining room captures the feel of an old European country villa.

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A Timeless Retreat

Designer - Kevin Serba

Showroom Date: Mar 01, 2011 to Apr 07, 2011
Photo of A Timeless Retreat designer vignette display at Judy Frankel Antiques

Glamour and style live on forever in this elegant bedroom. The combination of a tailored, yet luxurious, silk lined canopy bed and diverse collection of fine antique furniture are highlighted by gray walls that also provide a perfect background for antique prints and paintings. The addition of a few contemporary pieces as well as a mixture of fabric textures make this a space that is timeless, yet still warm and inviting.

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“An Elegant Holiday Evening”

Designer - LaVictor/Henke

Showroom Date: Dec 01, 2010 to Dec 24, 2010
Photo of “An Elegant Holiday Evening” designer vignette display at Judy Frankel Antiques

With a Hanukkah menorah, a perfectly trimmed Christmas tree, and presents for all, the holiday season has begun.

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“The Office”

Designer - Amy Weinstein

Showroom Date: Nov 01, 2010 to Nov 30, 2010
Photo of “The Office” designer vignette display at Judy Frankel Antiques

For this vignette, Amy Weinstein chose to explore the notion that workspaces, when filled with things that bring us pleasure, can have heart and soul.

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“Around the Hearth – An Autumnal Gathering”

Designer - Jane Synnestvedt Design

Showroom Date: Oct 01, 2010 to Oct 31, 2010
Photo of “Around the Hearth – An Autumnal Gathering” designer vignette display at Judy Frankel Antiques

This vignette features two spaces, connecting the warmth of the hearth room with the inviting fall colors of outdoors.  A casual fireside supper may be enjoyed around the rosewood centre table while outside, the patio creates a perfect place for friends to enjoy the crisp fall evening.

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“Asian Infusion”

Designer - Shirley Maddalena

Showroom Date: Sep 01, 2010 to Sep 30, 2010
Photo of “Asian Infusion” designer vignette display at Judy Frankel Antiques

Sit for tea or rest in a pair of Asian elm chairs beneath the pagoda-like structure in this Asian-themed vignette. The color red is prominent in the lacquered walls, Chinese painted console and 7’ long carved Asian bench. A Pewabic fireplace surround of blue luster tiles fits beautifully into the mix.

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“The Game is On”

Designer - Kelter/Schwartz

Showroom Date: Aug 01, 2010 to Aug 31, 2010
Photo of “The Game is On” designer vignette display at Judy Frankel Antiques

Features timeless designs with the use of clean lines bringing together this active and exciting space to achieve a perfect balance.

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“The Secret Garden”

Designer - Jennifer Taylor Studio

Showroom Date: Jul 01, 2010 to Jul 31, 2010
Photo of “The Secret Garden” designer vignette display at Judy Frankel Antiques

... is all about creating a private escape with an earthy feel and a dash of French fantasy. A large rustic wood table is the centerpiece of the space, topped with a moss runner surrounded with floral upholstered chairs. A French oval mirror perched above a handsome console provides just one of the finishing touches in this lovely vignette.

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“Atelier - A Trip to Paris’ Left Bank”

Designer - Kevin McManamon

Showroom Date: Jun 01, 2010 to Jun 30, 2010
Photo of “Atelier - A Trip to Paris’ Left Bank” designer vignette display at Judy Frankel Antiques

This vignette by renowned designer Kevin McManamon features elegant European furnishings with multiple layers of primitive handiwork and serene landscape paintings.

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“A Modern Idyll”

Designer - Art/Harrison Interior Design Studio

Showroom Date: May 01, 2010 to May 31, 2010
Photo of “A Modern Idyll” designer vignette display at Judy Frankel Antiques

We have always been attracted to the rusticated charms of eastern European dachas, with their rough hewn walls and unexpected details. Here we have created our modern take, featuring some of our favorite furniture designs from the Art  Harrison Collection showcased with a dramatic contemporary painting and exceptional antiques

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“The Promise of Spring”

Designer - Paul Canvasser

Showroom Date: Apr 01, 2010 to Apr 30, 2010
Photo of “The Promise of Spring” designer vignette display at Judy Frankel Antiques

I’ve set out to evoke the look of a romantic Scandinavian country home, dressing the furnishings in the colors of a still icy spring morning. The setting is enhanced by the inclusion of a beautiful 18th century Aubusson Tapestry and the richly glazed pottery of Roger Guerin.

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“The Salon, The Bar, The Boudoir” circa the 1930s

Designer - Leslie Ann Pilling Design

Showroom Date: Feb 28, 2010 to Apr 01, 2010
Photo of “The Salon, The Bar, The Boudoir” circa the 1930s designer vignette display at Judy Frankel Antiques

Creating a lifestyle of public and private moments with a focus on the Art Deco era including modern and industrial inspirations. Composing a refined mood for discussions within high society touching on art, music and literature.

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